GrantGenius  TM

GrantGenius™ is a customized service powered by artificial intelligence that enables organizations to efficiently navigate the complex landscape of government funding opportunities. By combining the power of AI with expert guidance, it maximizes the chances of securing grants, enabling organizations to accelerate their growth, innovation, and impact.

Fedsprout’s intelligent and proprietary tool powered by AI analyzes an organization’s specific information, including funding goals, technology roadmap, energy and environmental justice data of each community, and infrastructure challenges such as reliability issues. The tool matches the organization with relevant government funding opportunities, ensuring a tailored approach to grant discovery.





GrantGenius  TM Basic Level

The ultimate game-changer, revolutionizing the way organizations navigate the intricate realm of government funding opportunities, powered by an advanced AI tool.

Discovery Interview: The journey to customized reports begins with our comprehensive Discovery Interview. You begin an exploratory discussion with Fedsprout experts, where we delve deep into your organization’s priorities, goals, and vital information to capture the essence of your needs.

Intelligent Matching Engine: Fedsprout takes the input gathered during the Discovery Interview and swiftly formats and inputs the data into our cutting-edge matching engine. The matching engine generates a multitude of opportunities specifically tailored to your organization.

Targeted Filtering and Prioritization: Fedsprout applies advanced filters, refining the options to a subset of the most promising target opportunities. Then, employing our expertise, we meticulously prioritize these opportunities for your organization.

Custom Reports that Ignite Success: Fedsprout’s refined process culminates in the creation of custom match reports. These tailor-made reports comprise the opportunities automatically generated and then handpicked for your organization, providing a comprehensive and concise overview of each funding opportunity.

GrantGenius  TM Pro Level

Designed as the pinnacle of customized and personalized services, specially designed to propel your organization towards grant funding success.

One-on-One Consultations: Engage in invaluable one-on-one consultations with Fedsprout experts to discuss grant opportunities, explore possibilities, and make informed decisions. Our seasoned professionals will guide you through the intricate grant landscape, helping you identify the most promising opportunities to pursue.

Strategic Funding Roadmap Development and Maintenance: Fedsprout takes the reins in developing and meticulously maintaining your funding roadmap. With our comprehensive understanding of the grant landscape, we craft a strategic plan that charts your organization’s journey towards securing grants.

Timely Notifications and Important Dates: Never miss a crucial deadline or milestone again. Fedsprout acts as your vigilant partner, notifying you of important dates and timelines for submissions.

Tailored Checklists and Guidelines: Fedsprout provides you with meticulously prepared checklists and guidelines, designed specifically for each grant opportunity on the funding roadmap.

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